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photo by Nina D'Alessandro
in Manhattan, 2000
at Symphony Space in NYC, 2003


Sword form, USKSF '07.  Photos by Elizabeth Crefin
at USKSF '07
PTC women medalists, USKSF '07
PTC women medalists single whip, USKSF '07
CMC lotus kick
After the Tourny
sword at Hudson Valley Tai Chi Meet '07
Tai Chi Flute, Hudson Valley Meet '07
leading the Healing Sounds workshop, Hudson Valley Meet '07
winning the Gold for CMC Form, Advanced Women, USCKF 2006
Patience Tai Chi & Caring Hands Tai Chi at the 2006 USCKF Tournament.  Sue in 2nd row w/ gold, silver & bronze. Photo: Elizabeth Crefin
with Sifu William C. Phillips at the USCKF Tournament, 2006
working out at the dojo with Push Hands champion Mike Pekor, 2005


Artwork in Puerto Rico, 1995
Clifford Jordan and Melba Liston in Eleuthra, Bahamas, 1981
with Erica Lindsay, Newman T. Baker, Francesca Tanksley, Paul Brown; 1981
with Jerome Richardson in Tokyo: 1992
Getting an impromptu lesson from Milt Hinton after a 1974 concert.  "Mr. Hinton, how do you improvise?"
Sitting in with Milt Hinton in Hartford in 1982, having evidently learned how to improvise.  Oliver Jackson is on drums. Not pictured: Jane Jarvis on piano
a 1980's Flash Flood Productions photo shoot
Smile and say "cheetah"!  With Sue Williams and Janice Friedman in those wild 90's
In Berlin, 1988.  George Bishop on tenor is in the background.  Photo: Wolfgang Krolov
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